Diamond Standard

Carats.io is tokenizing the world’s most precious commodity — diamonds. We're building a stable, transparent, and liquid way to trade digital value backed by real, certified diamonds, which lend our token the intrinsic value that other cryptocurrencies lack.


Always get your money’s worth. CARAT Tokens are backed by diamonds, making them forever liquid. You can redeem CARAT Tokens for real, GIA certified diamonds.


See for yourself. All contents of the Carats.io Diamond Vault are publicly published, backed by the Israel Diamond Exchange and audited by Ernst & Young accounting firm.


A solid token in the rocky world of crypto. The CARAT Token holds the eternal value of diamonds, so holders can store and transfer tokens without fear of volatility.

“With Carats.io, we’re bringing the diamond industry into the 21st century. By integrating diamonds and innovation, we’re creating a new digital asset.”


Yoram Dvash - President of the Israel Diamond Exchange


“As one of the world’s leading diamond exchanges, we see great value in backing our tokens with real diamonds to maintain their stability. Imagine a USD-backed token with the US Federal Reserves standing behind it.”


Eli Avidar - Managing Director of the Israel Diamond Exchange


Q4 2016

The idea was born

Q2 2017

Released Diamond Pricing Algorithm (DPA) Beta

Q3 2017

Announced Israel Diamond Exchange (ISDE) partnership

Q4 2017

ISDE officially deployed DPA

Q1 2018

Officially launched Get-Diamond Index (GDX)

Q3 2018

Hold first Token Generation Event

Q4 2018

Establish “Diamond Standard” monetary system

Q3 2019

GDX listing by leading world financial institutes

Our technology has already priced over $1 billion USD-worth of diamonds.

The Carats.io platform powers the Get-Diamond Index, the official index of the Israel Diamond Exchange. We parse all grade parameters against well-known economic measures, then use statistical analysis to create the most advanced and precise pricing methodology to date. Our tools incorporate 14 different metrics of evaluation, yielding over 1 trillion unique price points. Plus, we apply machine-learning technology, so our ever-expanding database is always improving.

We use this database, built on a solid foundation of hundreds of thousands of precious stones, to accurately appraise the diamond market and create an first-of-its-kind digital coin based on real, certified diamonds.

Strategic Investors


Token Sale

Token Allocation

  • 75% Crowdsale
  • 8% Service Providers
  • 17% Team & Consultants

Proceeds Allocation

  • 50% Reserves
  • 20% R&D Associated expenses
  • 15% Business Development
  • 10% Regulation
  • 5% Misc

The CARAT Token Generation Event will be opened for one month.


CARAT is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token.
We will be accepting


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